Selling Your Home: Getting Ready for Photography  


  • Hide any garden tools and equipment, including hoses and sprinklers
  • Hide all toys and bicycles
  • Remove trash and recycling bins from view
  • Move all vehicles, boats, and motorcycles out of the driveway and away from the front of the house
  • Give your lawn a fresh mow and keep it free from excess fallen leaves and other debris


  • Small Appliances - relocate any small appliances that sit on the kitchen counters into cabinets for the photos
  • Fridge  - remove all items from top of fridge and face of fridge (magnets, bills, photos, etc.)
  • Stove top - Clean and shiny!
  • Sink - empty (this includes dish racks
  • Towels/Cloths/Cleaning supplies - ensure none are visible
  • Fresh Flowers or a bowl of fresh fruit can make a lovely centerpiece


  • All personal care items tucked away and removed from countertops (toothbrushes, bar soap, shaving cream, hair dryers, lotions, etc.) A decorative soap dispenser is acceptable
  • Towels - Best towels available hanging on rack
  • Shower/Bath - Up to 3 bottles visible. (no bar soaps)
  • No trash bins, toilet brush or plungers in sight & toilet seats down


  • Walk-In/Extra Large Closets will be photographed, so please have these as tidy as possible
  • Make beds with wrinkle-free comforter or quilt. Tuck any visible sheets into mattresses. Arrange decorative cushions above blankets.
  • Side tables - ideally one piece of decor/lamp per table, any personal items out of sight (glasses, photos, jewelry, remotes, etc.) Books are acceptable

Living Room

  • Coffee table - the main culprit for collecting extra stuff. A couple magazines, coasters, and one remote is acceptable
  • Side Tables - same rule applies as bedroom.
  • Bookshelves should be tidy
  • Fireplace turned on
  • Hide any pet accessories

Laundry Room

  • All soaps and supplies out of sight, if possible

Front Entrance

  • Ideally shoes and shoe racks are hidden