Staging Your Home

What is home staging? 

Home staging is the strategic placement of furniture and decor by a professional, which creates a visually appealing space. After staging, we bring in our professional photographer to take photos that we will take the listing to the market with. A staged home on the market receives many more showing requests than an un-staged home, In person, a staged home not only evokes positive feelings about the atmosphere, but it also aids the potential buyer to imagine living in the home. 

What types of staging do you offer? 

There are two types of staging services we offer - those for furnished homes and those for vacant homes. 

Vacant Home - The spaces and rooms in a vacant home can appear to be a lot smaller than actuality. In fact, 1.5 times smaller! A potential buyer may believe that a bedroom or office will not fit their personal belongings and furniture, and count out the home, because all they have to focus on is the walls. Even adding a minimal amount of pieces into key spaces will provide perspective to the buyer on how much furniture will fit in the rooms. Another benefit of furnishing a vacant home if it isn't brand new, is that it will draw the eye away from any minor imperfections, not allowing them to affect the sale of the home. 

Furnished Home - If the seller is living in the home, we set an appointment to come in and consult on the current layout and design of the home. We will present the client with recommendations for each room including paint, decor and furniture. This service also includes bringing in decor and arranging furnishings to prepare for sale. 

Sometimes time or other circumstances don't allow for professional staging. There are several things you can do as the homeowner the morning before the photographer comes in, to make the photos turn out great. See our tips here: Getting Your Home Ready for Photography.

Before & After

Below are some photos of our work; before and after our professional staging. 

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