Five Secrets to Selling Your Home

There are endless articles online about how to sell your home. The most common tips are improving "curb appeal" or repainting the interior in neutral colours. While these factors are important, what can truly set your home apart from others on the market? Below we share our secret selling strategy: 

Professional Photos

Sounds like a no-brainer, right? You wouldn't believe how many homes currently listed for sale are being marketed with cell phone photos! Photos are the first impression your listing makes to a Buyer, and photography comes in all shapes and sizes. Smartphones have made many of us think that we are photography pros, but there is simply no comparison to the finished photography of a professional using professional and current equipment. At Jared Franczak & Associates, we invest in premium photography services including HDR, Drone, 3D scans and skilled professionals behind the lenses.
Say It with Video
If you truly want your home to stand out, a video is an excellent way to draw in potential Buyers, as well as to tap into the market that is using social media.  At Jared Franczak & Associates, we invest in professional videography and enlist marketing strategies to ensure that the finished video is being seen by Buyers who want your home. 

Go Beyond the Property Line

Now that you know the first two secrets, one of our best-kept secrets is not limiting your photography and videography to only showcasing your home. What do we mean by this? The Buyers for your home are not just investing in your home, they are investing in the neighbourhood it's in! Be sure to include the neighbourhood and nearby attractions in your marketing. As Buyers see the local restaurants, shops, parks and sights, it immerses them in the lifestyle and helps them picture your house as their home.

Strategic Improvements

Little changes can go a long way to selling your home. Our team always recommends getting a jump start on packing up knick-knacks and personal items, and occasionally rearranging furniture to give your listing a show-home feel. But there are also some inexpensive updates that will surely catch Buyer's attention, such as swapping out bathroom faucets or outdoor light fixtures at the entry. Choose your upgrades wisely and Buyers will be attracted by these fresh features. 

Buyer Feedback

One of the simplest ways to expedite your sale is to solicit feedback from those who walk away. Sometimes we don’t  see a flaw, because we are too close or emotionally invested. Surveying those who tour your home will help gain insight into any shortcomings. Our team always garners feedback after an Open House or showing, and promptly shares it with our Sellers -  because getting your home Sold is our top priority! 

At Jared Franczak & Associates, we don't cut corners when it comes to our Listings. We recommend strategic improvements specific to your property; we invest in professional photography and video from top professionals in their industry,  and we always request feedback from each and every in-person showing.