Four Great Reasons to take advantage of the Winter Market

Winter is approaching. This now-famous phrase evokes thoughts of hunkering down in snowed-in shelters waiting for sunnier days. Yet, in the real estate world, winter brings with it some distinct bonuses that could make it worth your while to consider listing your home now.

1.  Are you serious? The buyers that you will encounter in an admittedly slower winter market are serious about their intent. Colder weather tends to weed out the “open house tourists” who are either just curious or barely dipping their toe in the market. These are people motivated to buy, often because of external reasons. For instance, they may have a job offer that requires a move or an urgent personal situation like a new baby, etc.

2.  Scarcity works in your favour With less homes available on the market, yours becomes a commodity worth fighting for. There is less competition and increased demand. This can be to your benefit, allowing you to achieve a better price, especially if your home is in move-in condition.

3.  Now is the time With interest rates projected to continue to rise, there is more pressure on the real estate market than before. This means that there may be more winter buyers than usual this season. Not only that, but it is an opportune time to leverage the current market conditions if you are considering moving up yourself.

4.  Winter is warmer Despite the freeze outside, winter gives you a chance to show off your home’s stability and security. Warm and cozy are targets you can easily achieve with proper furnace maintenance and insulation. Tailor your indoor décor to be inviting in peaceful contrast to the stark weather and light up the outside with seasonal illumination. This will cause buyers to want your home for the holidays.